Neillsville is located in West Central Wisconsin at the intersection of U.S. Hwy. 10 and State Hwy. 73, and serves as the county seat for Clark County. With a population of 2,500, the city provides amenities often reserved for larger communities, yet maintains the appeal of a rural lifestyle.

Residents of Neillsville enjoy high quality healthcare, excellent educational institutions, a variety of retail shopping choices, numerous attractions and entertainment events, and unlimited recreational opportunities. At the same time, they appreciate the comforts and conveniences of small town life, such as affordable housing, friendly people, and a low crime rate.

Neillsville is a region with many employment opportunities in a variety of areas, such as industry, healthcare, and education.

The City of Neillsville is governed by a mayor and city council. All departments, including fire, library, police, and public works, offer high quality service to the residents of Neillsville.